Women’s fashion leggings

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Women’s fashion leggings. Our buttery smooth and soft fashion leggings feature a variety of trendy, flexible and common bold, exclusive and traditional colors, designs, and prints. Lightweight and breathable, tailored, tapered leggings; a flattering and supportive figure without compromising comfort and style. Quality anti-microbial spandex polyester material features for optimal performance and breathable comfort. Skinny fit across the hips and thighs, 1.5 inch mid-rise elastic waist, and assembly cut + sew. Accessible in all sizes and multicolors.

Women’s fashion leggings. Ultra light, stretchy, opaque, breathable, non-see-through and incredibly comfortable. Wear it for hours everywhere and anywhere and be happy! Wherever you are, the bold printed designs are sure to make you notice! They also weigh less than half a pound and are incredibly small! They look fantastic paired under skirts, tops or tunics and are available in standard and plus sizes. They complement any outfit and are a great match for work, play, or casually relaxing at home with their bold paint, lightweight fabric and elasticated waist. These women’s fashion leggings have a supportive elastic waistband that is super flexible in the waist and typically does not dig into your skin like regular leggings.

1 review for Women’s fashion leggings

  1. Etta W. Creech

    Love these colorful designs. These are by far my favorite leggings I have bought .

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